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The Right Tutor

One on one time can drastically improve your child’s skill level. Finding the right person to support your child’s academic needs is more than just browsing the web for a local teacher. A tutor who has experience with children from different educational backgrounds and children who have unique needs is important. Your child also needs to feel safe and respected in their learning space so that they can fully open up and begin to learn. Most importantly a tutor needs to be a sensitive, caring educator who is ready to listen to your child and help to build their confidence. With the right tutor, your child will not only begin to see changes in their abilities, but also feel good about themselves. As an experienced tutor and certified teacher, I can provide your child with the skills and confidence they need to move forward.

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Becoming a Lifelong Learner

All students come to the table with different talents, skills, challenges, and learning styles. Some students learn best from books, others learn best from hands-on activities, and so on. It is my goal to help students learn what their own strengths and challenges are, and guide them toward activities and learning opportunities that will engage their skills and strengthen those areas where they may be struggling.

In order to support a learner, it is imperative to build a relationship and know who they are as a whole person. In guiding a child to reach their own successes, it is important to help them understand what motivates them and how to set realistic, but challenging, goals. A child not only needs to learn the valuable skill of setting his or her own goals but also understand that missing a goal is not failure, but a part of the growing process. Goal-setting, organizing, planning, and self-reflection are all key in the learning process. With these tools, students can take learning into their own hands.

I encourage students to ask questions and seek out the answers through a variety of mediums. I also firmly believe that learning is more than just reading and responding to text, or solving problems in a book. Real-world experiences are vital to a child’s cognitive development. Experiences and interactions with their surroundings are what propel a child’s desire to learn and maintain their curiosity. Learning takes place every minute of every day!

When you work with me as a tutor, you will watch your child fall in love with learning as they discover the joy of taking a lead role in their own education!

Student Accomplishments

reading helpI was so proud of this young student’s hard work on a research project about Labrador Retrievers! She spent a lot of time practicing her drawings as well!

I love this wood-burned thank you gift from one of my students who took a writing class with me. Beautiful!

science helpAbout to start our Science project! This 12-year old student chose to do a dissection to learn about anatomy.

math helpMath and art! A student trying out tessellations for the first time.

science helpA very carefully constructed frame of a bridge to be built with a 7th grade student for Physics.

writing helpA beautiful report and drawing of Early Human and Neanderthal tools by an 8-year old student for his chosen topic and project.


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