Virtual Classes

Fiction Writing


Every Wednesday and Friday

Beginning October 7th, 2020 through November 6th, 2020


4-5 students

Roughly 4th grade level (ages 9-11)



11:15-11:45 (30 min lesson)

3:00-3:45 (45 min discussion)


11:15-11:45 (30 min lesson)

3:00-3:45 (45 min discussion)


Elements of Fictional Writing

This class will dive into the aspects of story building. Students will learn:

  • to create interesting, believable, and relatable characters
  • to design settings
  • to create story problems and obstacles
  • to write short stories involving their characters

The intention is for this class to provide instruction in these areas which will not only build strong writing skills, but also support reading comprehension and help students understand how a story is created. This class is meant to foster student to student communication and discussion and provide an opportunity for reluctant writers to have fun with writing and find their own voices.


$325 for the program

Please contact Abby for more information or if you would like to register your student for this virtual class.

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