One-on-One Individualized Tutoring Services

Tutoring/Learning Services

Virtual and in-person sessions based on availability.

Giving your child one on one specialized education is the best way to support a learner who feels they’re falling behind, or one who feels bored and craves enrichment. While I target the issue with your child and they start to build skills and succeed, your child becomes more confident.

As a learning specialist my program goes beyond basic tutoring or homework help. I create a customized, tailored program for your child. I specialize in teaching children with learning disabilities. I offer various types of support including:

  • basic math skills and number sense
  • math instruction up to Algebra I
  • writing instruction for all levels through high school
  • remedial reading instruction for Dyslexic and reading challenged learners
  • homeschool
  • brain integration therapy

Pricing: $90 per session

Reading Assessment

A reading assessment covers various areas of your child’s literacy development. This is a useful assessment for a struggling reader or a child who may have Dyslexia. A reading assessment usually takes 2-3 hours and may be segmented into two separate sessions. In addition, I will provide a full report of the assessments results. This is a full assessment of your child’s reading abilities including:

  • phonological awareness (sounds in words and how they can be separated, blended, and manipulated)
  • decoding and encoding (reading and spelling words)
  • high frequency and sight word recognition
  • oral reading fluency
  • reading comprehension
  • how your child’s reading ability compares to grade level expectations
  • a full write up of your child’s results

Brain Integration Therapy

For children with learning disabilities and stress-related disorders, Brain Integration Therapy offers an interactive treatment. Brain Integration Therapy strengthens and builds neural pathways. These pathways allow the two hemispheres of the brain to communicate, activate developmental reflexes, turn off developmental reflexes that are “stuck on”, and improve motility and learning. This is delivered using the Brain Gym program. There are 26 different movements in the Brain Gym Program. Your child’s program will be customized to their specific needs. The sequence of movements selected for your child will be carefully chosen to address their current challenges. They will learn the movements and then practice them at home. As they progress, your child’s needs may change as well as their ability to access movements that were too challenging before. Some of the benefits of this therapy include:

  • improved executive functioning/organization skills
  • increased confidence
  • better academic performance, especially in reading and math
  • improved social skills and relationships
  • increased emotional health
  • reduced anxiety and stress
  • decreased problematic behavior

Pricing: $90 per session


If you are a homeschooling parent looking for flexibility and customized educational services, I offer tutoring sessions morning through evening. With my services, children can have the opportunity to work with a mentor to design their own path of learning in order to achieve goals and acquire skills specific to their needs and learning style.