About Abby Forcier, M.Ed

certified tutorI was inspired to offer my services as a learning specialist in 2014 after working for several years in public school, teaching various grade levels and subject areas. Although I loved working with my students in a classroom space, I found the best and most productive learning occurred in small groups and during one on one time. I also knew that students facing learning disabilities and those who struggled in a specific area most benefited from the individual attention and care. I wanted to reach more of these children and help them to regain their confidence.

Tutoring and teaching small classes are my passion as they allow me to tailor learning to the individual and provide children with opportunities to build confidence. I believe children should be guided to recognize their individual strengths instead of comparing themselves to others, and use their interests, skills, and knowledge to set learning goals, overcome challenges, and build independence. I am certified as Massachusetts Elementary teacher and have completed the Brain Gym 101 course offered by Breakthroughs International, which allows me to do Brain Integration Therapy.

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Why I love this tutoring program this simple fact: my son, who is in six grade now, started working with Abby 3 1/2 years ago. We had him in a public school with an IEP in place and we learned that wasn’t the best fit for him. Working with Abby on a one-on-one basis we learned the best techniques to help get my son on the level he needs to be for six grade. Doing so, my son is now in six grade and got his first report card. He was a straight “B” and “A” student. He’s never done that. He’s now on first honors and we are so proud of him and we thank Abby for all of this. We appreciate her so much, she’s become part of our family.

Danielle Reeves, Indian Orchard, MA

My son loved his tutoring with “Miss Abby”! It was the highlight of his week! I appreciated how caring and responsive she was to his quirks (he has mild autism) and she had excellent ideas to help him with his learning struggles. She was also very responsive to my input and ideas, making use of testing tools I provided, it was a very effective team effort!

Christina Cordero, Chicopee, MA

Dear Friends, I want to share our family’s experience with Abby Forcier, our tutor. She is magnificent, and intuitively understands our two children’s Special Needs (ADHD, Asperger’s, and Mood Disorder among them). She brings energy and focus to our sessions…so much so, that we have added many more to continue the positive momentum. Our children are seeing the results in their grades AND confidence. Thank you, Abby!

Crystal Miller, Westfield, MA

Abby began working with our 10-year old son who has some struggles with focus at school. Multiple weekly sessions at his school have yielded some noticeable improvements in his skills and confidence. Abby thoughtfully coordinates with his teacher, which allows her to have just-in-time and relevant sessions with him, which buttresses his ability to make headway in the classroom.

Here’s an example of what makes Abby an extraordinary tutor. Our son is working on a big project at school where he was assigned to report on a National Park. In his research for the project, he learned that his park has an abundance of bats which was exciting to our son. Abby took this thread of interest and found a just-right book for them to read together about bats. She’s offered options for him to develop a broad way to express his new-found knowledge, through making a website together or by integrating the new information back into his original project. This kind of creative and adaptive teaching makes Abby unique and beyond the unidimensional workbook kind of tutor.

Each week she works with our son she respectfully coordinates with his teacher and then provides us with a progress report via e-mail. She’s open to feedback and suggestions and can seamlessly integrate these as we (parents and teachers) see is important.

Our son feels comfortable with her personally and she has an excellent rapport with him. Their relationship has clear boundaries but is also personal and comfortable.

I unhesitatingly and enthusiastically recommend Abby as a personal tutor.

Sarah Rossmassler, Hatfield, MA
A few years back, my daughter and I hit a wall in our ability to write together as a homeschooling family. Every day was an uphill climb wrought with tears and struggle with a deepening belief that my child/student hated writing. I reached out to our homeschool community and a highly recommended Abby Forcier was soon in our life. We haven’t looked back since. Abby’s natural and uplifting enthusiasm and genuine care in her students was a game changer for us. Three classes and some private tutoring later, my daughter is independently and eagerly writing almost daily. She has several stories going right now. Pennie is even co-writing a few narratives with friends. She has found her writing stride and we are deeply grateful for the support and influence Abby has had on our school experience and writer’s voice.
Skye Przystas, Chicopee, MA
My son was a late reader (mid third grade) and diagnosed late with a subset of Dyslexia so his writing skills were delayed a bit as well. Additionally he struggles with fine motor skills so the physical act of writing was a challenge for J. Abby was able to use his incredible expressive language skills and assistive technology to really allow his written voice to be heard. We did 2 classes with Abby and took a bit of an extended break, just to allow for maturity and practice. We are enrolled for our third class and I couldn’t be more pleased to have Abby as a part of our homeschool “team”.
Myanna Cabrin-O'Brien, Holyoke, MA

I highly recommend Abby’s classes! It was a constant battle getting my 5th grader to write. Now with Abby’s help he’s found his voice and he LOVES writing. It’s his favorite subject! Thank you Abby!!!!

Marie Lauderdale, Belchertown, MA
Great tutor. Abby goes the extra step to contact teachers and asks what the student needs are and gives them the help needed.
Dawn Altieri, Westfield, MA
Abby’s class was my son’s first introduction to writing instruction. He had the ideas and the creativity and Abby helped him place pen to paper. She is a wonderful instructor!
Kimberly Schildbach, Leverett, MA


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